Appearances with Karl Ove Knausgaard in Norway this December

Jo is teaming up with Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard for a very special stage tour in Norway this December.

Speaking on stage with Norwegian comedian and tv-presenter Harald Eia, these three creative minds will talk about literature, music, each other, murder, movies, women, men, things that amazes them, things that annoy them – and how things went at work today. Swedish sing/songwrither Lars Winnerbäck will also perform as a special guest!

Here are the full tour dates & details:

09.des kl. 20:00 – Store Studio, Oslo…/karl-ove-harald-og-jo…/473689
10.des kl. 20:00 – Samfundet, Trondheim…/karl-ove-harald-og-jo…/473763
11.des kl. 20:00 – Logen Teater, Bergen…/karl-ove-harald-og-jo…/473739
12.des kl. 20:00 – Stavangeren, Stavanger…/karl-ove-harald-og-jo…/473739

BY Team Nesbo UK