Harry Hole

Harry Hole is a genuine anti-hero: an impossible character, yet impossible not to like.

According to his superiors, Harry is both Oslo Crime Squad’s most brilliant detective, and its most frustrating. He struggles with authority, especially when bureaucracy prevents him from doing what’s right for the people of Oslo and the victims who suffer at the hands of violent criminals. Harry is nevertheless revered by his colleagues, not only for his deductive powers and uncanny ability to think like the killer he’s hunting, but because his high moral standards and pronounced sense of justice often lead him in the right direction.

In his personal life, things are just as complicated. Harry is conflicted by his relationship with Rakel, the single mother whom he fell in love with and who has since walked into and out of his life at irregular intervals owing to Harry’s workaholic tendencies. Harry has also developed a close relationship with Rakel’s son Oleg, to whom he has become a strong father figure. Like Harry’s little sister Sis, Oleg brings light to Harry’s existence – and life, at times, really does seem to come together for Inspector Hole.

But a case always comes in to turn everything upside down.