The Nemesis by Jo Nesbo


Harry Hole #4

Hardcover: 480 pages.
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0061655503

Grainy CCTV footage shows a man walking into a bank and putting a gun to a cashier’s head. He tells her to count to twenty-five. When he doesn’t get his money in time, she is executed. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case. While Harry’s girlfriend is away in Russia, an old flame gets in touch. He goes to dinner at her house and wakes up at home with no memory of the past twelve hours. The same morning the girl is found shot dead in her bed. Harry begins to receive threatening e-mails. Is someone trying to frame him for this unexplained death? Meanwhile the bank robberies continue with unparalleled savagery.

Nemesis was awarded with the William Nygaard Bursary 2002. It was shortlisted for the 2010 Edgar Award for Best Novel and for the 2010 Macavity Award for Best Mystery Novel.

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“An ambitious plot. I spent a long time writing the skeleton for the story and still got stuck a couple of times. I interviewed bank robbers and sat in the flat I owned at that time in Sorgenfri street and wrote about the neighbor’s bedroom. Even the pommel horse is from his flat.”

Jo speaks about Nemesis

*Starred Review*
“…[A] beautifully executed heist drama…Expertly weaving plot lines from Hole’s last outing to feature the inspector, The Redbreast (2007), Nesbø delivers a lush crime saga that will leave U.S. readers clamoring for the next installment.”
Publishers Weekly (US)

*Starred Review*
“Nesbo manages the unlikely feat of exploring the inner life of his lead character in the thorough and compelling manner one associates with, say, Ruth Rendell, while at the same time juggling multiple, interlocking plot strands as dexterously as David Hewson. No doubt about it: Nesbo belongs on every crime-fiction fan’s A-list.”
Booklist (US)

*Starred Review*
“[This] high-intensity action is threaded through a series of Chinese boxes revealing one false solution after another before the brilliantly inventive final twist.”
Kirkus Review (US)

“Nesbo’s storytelling abilities are incomparable. Nemesis is crime novel as art form and great entertainment.”
USA Today (US)

“High tension, lightning pace, a flawed but ultimately sympathetic protagonist: Nemesis has it all.”
Bookpage (US)

“The dense plot is supremely detailed. . . A crisp, clean translation. . . Satisfying.”
New York Times Book Review (US)

“Nesbo offers up another top-notch mystery thriller, thickly layered, perfectly plotted, and briskly paced to keep readers hooked. With ties to events in The Redbreast, this is an excellent sequel. . . Recommended for all fiction collections and essential for Scandinavian crime lovers.”
Library Journal (US)

“This book is filled with very interesting and complex characters. With the turn of each page the reader will get more engrossed in the story. Jo Nesbo s writing style has a way of capturing the reader and not letting them go until the conclusion of the story. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you will be fooled. The suspense and fast pace continue throughout the almost 500 pages of this book. I look forward to more books by Jo Nesbo.”
California Chronicle (US)

“It’s a good bet that if this is the first Harry Hole novel you read, you’ll never miss another. . . It’s complex but so well written. . . If you’re a fan of crime fiction, Harry Hole’s your man.”
Arizona Republic (US)

“In a perfect world, Jo Nesbo’s superior Norwegian crime novels would be written in one universal language, no lengthy translation period, no waiting; just an annual feast for the reader. /…/ No matter what language you read, get on the Jo Nesbo crime patrol and see why the world loves Harry Hole.”
Madison County Herald (US)

“Nesbo has a knack for Euro noir.”
Entertainment Weekly (US)

“Densely plotted and intensely executed, Nemesis by Jo Nesbø, nonetheless reads incredibly nimbly. /…/ This tale of revenge with the US bombing of Afghanistan pounding in the grim background – has twists galore, and enough humanity in it to keep it grounded. A master at work.”
Time Out (UK)

“A superb novel. Intricate, truly gripping plot…elegant simplicity. There is now no shortage of Scandinavian crime writers available in translation but Nesbo is in a class of his own. Bravo! – as they say in Norway.”
The Evening Standard (UK)

“An absolute blinder of a book.”
The Daily Sport (UK)

“Spiky police rivalry and terrific pace make this a cracking read and a thrilling writer to seek out.”
Financial Times (UK)

“It is a deeply satisfying pleasure to read this masterpiece.”
Värmlands Folkblad (Sweden)

“Hence, the plot is advanced, but Nesbø manages to keep the threads apart and also to incorporate a number of interesting characters into his novel.”
Dagens Industri (Sweden)

“This is how a truly hair-raising crime novel should be; full of surprises /…/ This is a crime novel of high quality, a skilfully written drama that never really lets you go.”
Västerviks-Tidningen (Sweden)

“Nesbø is in every regard one of the most original crime writers in Europe, and his old-fashioned yet modern experimentation with the genre is both innovative and captivating.”
Politiken (Denmark)

“It is exciting, brilliantly constructed and compelling from the very first page to the last.”
ALT for damerne (Denmark)

Nemesis is one of the best crime novels of the season.”
Der Standard (Germany)

“He is a master of language and incorporates interesting characters in his novel.”
Münchner Merkur (Germany)

Nemesis is quite simply Nesbø’s best crime novel.”
Kurt Hanssen, Dagbladet (Norway)

“Impressive crime novel. /…/ Nemesis is a novel that reveals great talent and an excellent sense of pace and timing.”
Dagsavisen (Norway)


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